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Good photos sell. In an era of online house hunting cutting corners with photography risks losing a visit in person to an online "drive by." I am a home owner and 100% the of houses we visited in person we first found online or from brochures placed at the sidewalk containing photographs. We spent our time on houses we knew were nice before we stepped foot in the door.

Good photos help rent apartments as well. Don't let "they move out in a week," "it's being cleaned," "we don't show on Sunday" or "the pool is closed until summer" limit your ability to show off a unit or your complex. Sell your complex 24x7. Stage a single unit and use it to sell year-round.

I charge $75 per hour for an inside set of entire house inside and out, a single apartment unit or single condo. You will receive unlimited photos per session in high resultion, good for use online and in print.

I charge $55 per session for a single photo of the house outside at dusk, taken early spring, to early fall. Please note that it it is possible to get 2-3 photos per day with minimal travel. In the evening a west facing home is best taken towards the end of dusk while an east facing home is best towards the beginning of dusk. Trees and lighting directly affect how the home looks at dusk. Direct view of the sky produces the best photos.

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Do you live too far to drive to Kansas City yet you are looking for real estate to purchase in the Kansas City area and want to receive third party visual proof of the state of the outside before purchase? Do you already own property in the area and want photographs to document the state of your property? I will photograph your property on a weekend from the edge of the property line to the outside wall of the building. I charge $100 per hour per property plus travel costs. You will receive unlimited photographs.

Residential Development

Do you run an entire development and have empty lots you need to sell? Are you producing a brochure to encourage existing home sales? I will take photos of your amenities for $100 per hour. All photos will be high resolution and usable both online or in print. My most prestigious development photographed was The National Golf Club of Kansas City, which can be seen below.



Golf Course